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Great picture, very bright

I was completely surprised at the image size it was able to cast from 3-4m Even with some lights on, the picture is reasonably visible (of course it's much better, like a movie theater, when the lights are off) Way more fun than a TV!

Our family loved it and our eyes wide open everytime K6S play movie!

I was looking for video projector for ease of enjoying soccer highlights. Because my home no longer watch TV (way too small) . It so happens to be expensive projector for me. I visited their store to test before reserve, well I directly get it from there since there was a stock.
For this price for a clear shape and big screen movies and entertainment, I can even watch local show and tv channel with their apps come along, I did a movie night with my kid, casting on a wall, and used as a television screen display. The internal speaker is audible but nothing to write home about; HOWEVER, the fact I connected the projector to my Bose Bluetooth audio system, was theater quality sound. I can literally bring it anywhere.
The app is very cool , free to install and uninstall plus it also coms with a dedicated remote.
Image quality is native 1080p level.
This is an awesome little projector, feels solid, fan noise is practically non existent, it has a tripod attachment, and free from tripod operation is simple. You will enjoy this little torch shine out from the box. So I would recommend a purchase. K6S purchased from the offline / online store. At least the address I visited is long run business. I’ve had mine a month and so far, no hick-ups. Good luck.

K6S projector

Best smallest HD smart projector. Quality and resolution is very good even during the day. Superb resolution when you watch in total darkness. What you need is a good projector screen and good speaker with woofer, it will have kind of the same effect as watching in the movie at your comfort location.

The video that I took is degraded. It is better to watch directly.

Perfect projector for my room

This projector is able to fill up my whole wall easily. The picture is movie theatre quality! More than I expected. Very happy with this projector

I am very pleased with this projector. It is capable of a very large picture in even small rooms. Sound is quite good with the two built in speakers. Picture quality is excellent with deep blacks and good color accuracy. Overall I am very happy with this projector and would recommend to anyone.

Room light on and off . Very bright!

Very bright for its size! It is like a 60inch tv when the bedroom light is on. When I off the lights, i can go wow 120inch! Impressive with so much power in this small palm size projector

Wow the colours is better than my screen

Nothing to say ... see the video ...thumb up! 👍🏻

Binge watching movies in big screen is not a problem anymore.

I'm an avid movie watcher and goer. I totally don't have any idea about what projectors are. So when I saw online about the K6s smart projector claiming it is best for binge watching movies, I immediately called and requested for a product demo. Boy! am I awed! This smart projector can go from a tiny monitor- like screen and can easily blast to 200 inch screen and even more actually. So small but super powerful! Picture is super clear and not blur at all . I placed my pre-order on the spot lah.

Lights on! Steady Bon Bon!

It is me again. My second review. Lucky I took a video with lights on in my bedroom. Forgive me for the run down of my room as the Hdb very old already . Here goes !

A very good replacement for a TV

My 55 inch TV spoilt and I was looking online for an affordable 75 inch TV as I want to watch bigger images for Netflix. There was no affordable 75 inch TV though. the cheapest was still about over $2K. Then I chance upon the K6s smart projector online. I got curious so I asked for a product demo at their showroom. I was glad that I went for the product demo. The K6s projection image was really sharp and clear and 75 inch is just the beginning because it can blow up to 200 inch projection screen size even! it's really super value for money. I immediately pre-ordered 1 set.

Loving my ceiling projection :)

I do have a large screen TV. The problem is I would like to watch my favorite movies or shows while lying down on my bed or my sofa because most of my day is already spent sitting in front of my laptop at work. So when I chanced upon the net regarding this K6s smart projector, I went in for a product demo. Oh boy! it was indeed the ultimate solution to my need! Wow! I can really enjoy watching while lying down in the comforts of my bed and sofa :) Lazy me huh :) Need I mention how clear and crisp the projection image is ? Truly relaxing! Of course I pre-ordered 1 set and I can't wait to receive it!

My kids just love this projector!

My husband, myself and my 2 kids were shopping for gadgets in Sim Lim Square when we accidentally passed by the Innovative showroom . They had a very inviting shop set-up so we went in to have a look. This is when we were introduced to their latest model -the K6s Smart projector. The image is so big and yet so clear and vivid even when projecting just on a plain , white wall. No need for a projection screen really! The sound is also very clear .My kids were pinned at watching the projection of the movie being played and just can't take their eyes off it! They just love it! We ended up pre-ordering 1 set and my whole family is just eagerly awaiting :)

Lots of Fun in lightweight package. All you need.

Amazed at how easy this is to use. Just place it on a stable surface hooked up to your iphone and watch anything on almost any light color surface. We’ve watched everything from Netflix, Amazon Video, youtube and home videos on the grey wall, a flat curtain or sheet, large paper, cutting board (don’t ask) , even the ceiling. Buy it. You could use this instead of having a huge big screen TV and be pretty happy. The image quality is great and am thrilled 100%.

New era of monitor is not a monitor ! We are in it now!

Was invited by INNOVATIVE to review this little baby will build your mind blowing awesome big monitor projector within 5 secs! Ultra bright and sharp! Lights on also good!😊 very good as a secondary display! But Sad my old HDB has uneven walls and circle drawn by kids..

This projector works just as advertised. Beautiful picture!! I projected to a 100 screen from about 3m. it was really easy to set up.

This thing throws a huge picture from a short distance. The colors are great and are plenty bright.

Awesome Quality Projector

This is a great gaming projector overall. It's very bright and has great input lag. Picture quality 10/10

Great projector for movies and gaming

Movies look great along with TV shows. I use it on 150 inch screen and it has great picture quality for the size. Low input lag for video games and they look great.

Was invited by INNOVATIVE to review this little baby will build your mind blowing awesome big monitor projector within 5 secs! Ultra bright and sharp! Lights on also good!😊 very good as a secondary display! But Sad my old HDB has uneven walls and circle drawn by kids..

I was able to enjoy great movies with the family at home, the fun great since we all had the movie theater feeling thanks to this great quality projector, the image of the movies were great, we watched cartoons and documentaries as well! the remote control was simple for all to use!

Great projector, simple to use! excellent for documentaries! my husband and I love how simple it was to set up this projector, the image is excellent, very low noise and really high quality picture!

Playing video games and watching movies -- the scenery is real and life-sized, it takes your breath away

Easy set up and configuration, bright, excellent for the price.

This projector is a solid, quality product that is worth every dollar I spent for it. Very bright and visible, sharp and clear images, and it is easy to set up and figure out without the manual.

Love the 3D function. Can watch jurassic world in 3D. The kids loves it.

I love this device as I can enjoy the videos when I lie down on my bed. So relaxed!