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Mobility, Size, Price, Connectivity, Celebrations Galore, and Eye- Friendly

😊It is More Fun Using a Projector 😊

😊It is More Fun Using a Projector 😊

1.Paint a mural.

Unleash the artist in you. Simply project a high contrast black and white image onto a wall or paper and start painting like the masters.

2. Create a virtual spirit.

Whether you are preparing for your Halloween party or just simply poking fun, create that virtual optical camouflage simply by projecting an image of the background onto a highly reflective material. The resulting end is that the material appears to blend in with the surroundings thereby creating an invisibility effect.

3. Cook along while viewing your favorite recipes.

Stream your favorite celebrity cooking channel and virtually cook along with them. Just project to your kitchen wall and you are all set.

4. Create your own virtual game tournament.

Gaming is so much fun and exciting together with friends, isn’t it? Enjoy the clarity of a big gaming screen and win those virtual battles and competitions.

5. Upgrade your work from home and study from home experience.

Create your second screen in a huge way and enjoy the benefits. No more eye squinting on your laptop or smartphone screens and literally view your professional and educational media and documents in a massive way.

6. Project your restaurant menus.

Forget about writing your a la carte and value meals. Simply save the soft copies, plug and play. Easy does it.

7. Endless movie nights.

Watch movies till you drop. Non- stop cinematic experience at your fingertips.

8. Get your very own virtual art wall.

Tired looking at a plain blank wall? Now is the time for a make-over. Stream your very own Instagram worthy photos, your favorite landscape, your current holiday theme and feel the magic!

9. Host a study group like a pro.

There is no need to scramble trying to share your ideas and study media using a tiny monitor. Easily learn together using your projector.

10.Tucked-in your kids to an immersive bedtime story.

Read a bedtime story coupled with a visual aid. Your kids will love it, guaranteed!

11. Be creative with your puppet shows.

Merely project a white light onto a wall and use your hands or actual puppets. Create and innovate your show.

12. Go ahead and DIY your light show.

All you need is your projector, your laptop and your favorite beam software and off you go to your kaleidoscope of light beams dancing to the beat of your music. Did you say Fog Machine? Sure, you can use it too!

13. Sing your songs pitch perfect.

Stream or plug and play those karaoke songs and bring out the concert star in you.

15. Lazy Day? Watch your favorite media lying down.

Just do not feel like getting up and about? Simply project to the ceiling, Relax and enjoy watching your favorite media lying down on your bed or your sofa.

16. Create your exciting virtual trips.

Missing your overseas holidays? Stream your way to your virtual holiday provider’s channel, explore and enjoy your immersive experience.

Six Ways You Win by Owning a Projector

Six Ways You Win by Owning a Projector

1. Mobility – Go, Go, Go

Always on your toes? Sure you can! Gone are the days of big and heavy projectors. Hello portable, pocketable, light projectors. Now you can stream your favorite video, do office presentations, play your favorite online games and more anywhere and everywhere, absolutely!

2. Size, Size, Size

Yes indeed, Size Matters! Ever dreamed of owning a 110” TV? Voila! You can now snap back to reality and own it. In fact, you can even make it bigger at your beck and call. With a projector you do not need to confine yourself to your TV screen size. Get the screen size that you need instantly!

3. Price, Price, Price

You do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy huge screen size, clear, high resolution, high contrast images. Projectors gives you tremendous bang for your buck!

4. Infinite Connectivity

Fact or Myth? Your mobile phone is your BFF, you cannot leave home without it. Fact of course! Good news! Projectors literally lets you enjoy your mobile phone content Big Time! Let screen mirroring or casting do its job. True or False? Only TV’s are smart. False of course! Projectors are smart too! With built-in Android OS, you are just a click away from everything.

5. Celebrations Galore

Owning a projector makes you party ready all year round! Party hosting and binge- watching movies with friends has never been so easy. Create your very own event or cinema at the comfort of your home!

6. Eye- Friendly

Projectors reflect light rather than emit light as most TV’s do. This makes for an absolute zero eye -strain experience. No eye strain means longer viewing equals better eye health.

Innovative Projectors are palm sized, pocketable and super lightweight. Provides you the freedom to choose your screen size easily from 5” to 300” diagonal and even more. You get clear, high contrast, high resolution images everywhere all the time. Easy connectivity, user friendly, ergonomically designed, top notch after sales service truly gives you the ultimate value for your money!