Palm Sized Total Entertainment, Anywhere. Anytime.

Smart, Wireless, Compact, Native Full HD Pico Projector.

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Sharp, Versatility, and Eye Catching Image

Enticing 150” Cinematic Experience At Your Fingertips.

Easily enlarge your favorite movies, videos, photos to monumental proportions with clear picture, polished motion and vivid colors attested by professionals.

Built-in with latest Netflix 7

Missed the latest movie in Cinema? Fret not, Netflix to the rescue. Enjoy your bonding moments and be positive! Time is on our side. 

Radiantly Intense, Crystal Clear Picture Quality.

K6s Smart Projector's LED light source is gauged with 50,000 hours and 6,800 LED lumens, giving you guaranteed True to Life images that lasts.

Features You Need and Want.

  • Real Native 1080P (4K Supported)

    Our built-to-shift pixels display system creates a unique and thrilling immersive 4K experience during YouTube streaming.

  • 6,800 LED Lumens

    INNOVATIVE K6s delivers a stunning viewing experience with superior brightness that you can enjoy at home or on the go.

  • True Pocket Friendly

    Who said size does not matter? K6s ultra slim design easily fits into your  jeans and trouser pocket.

  • 30" to 150" Projection Size

    Designed with the Singaporean  homes in mind. With its short throw capability, you easily gets a true 100 inch size indoor and up to 4 -stories high outdoors.

  • On the Move PC Monitor

    Connect your mouse and keyboard and use the MS Office app to create your very own PC Desktop on the go.

  • Synergy At Its Best.

    Remote Control + Touchpad Control = Superb Accessibility.

  • All in One Tech Connectivity

    Go ahead and connect your tech gadgets - smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, gaming console, set top box, USB drive, mobile hard drive, headphones, earbuds, speakers and so much more.


Up to 3 Hours Internal Battery

Freely hook- up for any adhoc meeting, business and personal  proposals anywhere anytime.

8GB Internal Memory

Built-in with 8GB Internal memory plus expandable USB  support.

Nano power - International Charger

Lets imagine our smart phone has a charger as large as our phone. No way! Fear not, our Nano charger is only the size of a lipstick.

  • Gaming Galore.

    Simply plug your gaming console, connect your Bluetooth gamepad  and get ready to enjoy huge screen, seamless gaming experience. 

  • Enjoy Your Best-Loved Apps.

    Download and Install Apps directly from the Aptoide store. Set your eyes with 4,500+ Apps on board.

  • Plug and Play.

    Just power on and choose. Equipped with  auto-keystone, AI zoom, focus and corner adjustment, K6s  smart projector got you covered. 


Custom Android OS

Experience the versatility of the Free Android OS. It comes in mobile, TV and custom versions. It is just like a mini pc. Can you  have them all? Yes of course!

Wire-Free with Wifi

Used to stream and load content from your mobile internet? K6s lets you do the same. The choice is yours!

Bluetooth Audio

No more messy cables. Stream to your favorite speakers or headphone Big Time! Sound Freedom to the Max!

HDMI Gaming Console Hookup

Gamer tested and approved. 

Built-In Speakers

Built-in audio speakers convert K6S into YouTube speakers in just 2 clicks. History's First!

USB / HDMI / Audio Jack

USB Port lets you enjoy your favorite media and power up too. Plug and Play, truly wireless!

Product Video

Introduction to K6S Smart Projector.


Fast TuneFocus

Fine-tuning your FHD pictures at any projection distance? K6s got you covered via Retina Display.

100% Image Offset

Truly portable. Just place on any flat surface to get a full screen image WITHOUT any tripod.


Ability to correct any vertical trapezoid image.


Being a freelance graphic designer, The K6s smart projector is my indispensable work tool . Lightweight and portable - it's so easy to carry. I'm able to present clear and large images to my clients every time all though out.

I got my set solely for my important product presentation. This K6s smart projector definitely exceeded my expectations! One powerful machine not only for business but also for pleasure.